The Professionals of ProLex are specialized Developmental Disability and Elderly Program Management Specialists, Physicians, Licensed Nurses, Psychologists, Behavior Analysts and Therapists.

Our professional staff has from 15-30 years experience in the field of Developmental Disabilities and Geriatrics.
ProLex Professionals receive on-going specialty training in “best practices” developed by nationally recognized experts.
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ProLex Medical Services is an individually owned entity that was established in 2000 to provide services in community settings to persons categorized via the Mental Retardation Authority as mentally challenged. The main objective of ProLex is to offer quality care to individuals and excellent service in the area of Supported Living.

Case Management of the Elderly
Case Management of the Elderly is an integral part of our program at ProLex. We realize how difficult it may be when you or your loved one is no longer able to adequately care for themselves. Our goal is to provide you with options besides nursing home placement.

ProLex Case Managers are Registered Nurses who can coordinate and arrange for in-home services such as personal care attendants, homemakers, Lifeline services, and meals on Wheels.

Case Managers provide safety checks in the home to assure you or your loved one is safe and secure. They conduct medication reviews and keep the patient on track with their medicines. They give moral support to the person. They become a natural support and friend for the elderly person.
Payment is accepted through the Elderly Waiver Program or Private Pay.

Behavioral Services
The Behavioral Professionals at ProLex specialize in all areas of Behavioral concerns. Our staff consists of Board Certified Behavioral Analysts and Behavior Specialists who have years of experience in the psychological and behavioral field. Credentialed by Nationally recognized Boards and Certified by the State of Tennessee, the Behavioral Staff are Master Level and BS Degree professionals.

- Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities
- Adolescent Behaviors
- Depression in the Elderly
- Special Needs Populations

ProLex Professionals receive on-going specialty training in “best practices” developed by nationally recognized experts.
Currently Accepting Contracts through Private Pay

Physician and Nursing Services
The Physicians and Professional Nurses at ProLex have at 30 years plus experience in the field of specialized medicine. Working together with the rest of the team, these Specialists in Developmental Disabilities and Mental Retardation have dedicated their lives to helping others. They are ranked highest in their field of expertise and are nationally recognized professionals.

Some of the ProLex Physicians also dedicate their practice to Addiction Medicine and are highly trained in this area. All these Professionals work directly with and in collaboration with the Behavior Analysts and Specialists and provide direct medical care and service to the residential clients served by ProLex Medical Services, Inc.
We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Private insurance and Private Pay

Residential Services
We provide support and assistance to individuals who live in their own homes or apartments and who require such staff support and assistance in accordance with their needs. No more than 3 persons shall reside in a domicile.

Supported Living services consist of client centered approaches & practices, such as:
- Client driven approaches and plans for a successful life by acknowledging and realizing personal visions, self direction and personal choice while stressing realistic and meaningful learning opportunities.
- Comprehensive residential, vocational and functional therapeutic day services serving adolescents and adults with mental health issues, behavior disorders and/or developmental disabilities.

In Home Medical Services
The ProLex Medical Team of Physicians and Professional Nurses can provide the same medical care in your home that is performed in a physician office. We offer comprehensive medical care and assessments in the comfort of your own home versus those long waits in the doctor’s office. Specializing in the care of the Elderly and Disabled population, the ProLex Group of Highly Trained Physicians and Nurses have a strong desire and passion for this population of individuals.

In Home Medical Care consists of:
- Physical Examinations
- Regularly Scheduled Visits
- Medication Prescriptions
- Medication Monitoring
- Onsite testing, including labs and x-rays
We accept Medicare, Medicaid, Private insurance and Private Pay

Community Based Day Services
At ProLex, we feel that all individuals should live meaningful lives and interact with individuals of all aspects of life in the community. In the past, this has been a major obstacle for individuals with Developmental Disabilities.

The licensed Community Based Day Program is an inclusive program. Our primary goal is to enhance active community integration through compassionate support and guidance. The Coordinator of CB Day Services at ProLex has created some wonderful inclusion type activities for our clients. Participants are assisted with and have the opportunity to:

- Maintain contact with family and friends
- Participate in community exploration
- Participate in leisure activities and hobbies
- Attend and participate in community events